We amplify the critical evidence for health products and services in value-focused environments

About Us

Healthagen, part of the CVS Health family of companies, offers analytical and advisory services that meet the market and clinical challenges faced by pharmaceutical, biotech, and device companies. Our services use real world data, advanced technologies, and professional know-how to illuminate therapeutic and economic value. We offer collaborative resources across CVS Health to enable forward looking research into real-world outcomes and the realities of therapeutic use in genuine clinical settings.

Through us, customers gain unique insights from an unparalleled combination of patients and data and access to affiliated institutions and resources. We leverage longitudinal health claims data from up to 23M Aetna members. As part of the CVS Health family of companies, our integration opens access to professionals who tackle analytics, informatics, population health, consumer and provider engagement, and data exchange/aggregation. In short, we tap into an unmatched level of resources to uncover the evidence-based understanding critical to any therapeutic area.

Our Solutions

Health Economics Research

We conduct economic and clinical evidence-based research to determine the impact of therapies and technologies in real-world healthcare settings, past, present or future. We leverage medical claim, pharmacy, and laboratory data, as well as care management interactions and patient self-assessments.

Clinical Development Services

We provide services that validate new therapies, technologies, and care models in real world environments. Our level of strategic integration within the Aetna enterprise enables recruitment and engagement with qualified trial/study participants and investigators.

Value-Based Risk Assessments

As the healthcare industry moves toward value-based care, we lead evidence-based research studies to provide the data and insights that inform decision-makers on risk identification, analysis, mitigation, and benchmarking.

Our Approach

Our client engagements follow a systematic process to ensure maximum value and relevance. A typical arrangement proceeds in four critical steps:

Scope and Quantify
  • Define and assess impacted patient population
  • Size clinical and financial opportunities
  • Establish key opportunity drivers, risk factors and metrics
Design and Validate
  • Set program fundamentals
  • Target opportunities as previously established
  • Leverage Aetna, client, and third party assets as needed
Initiate Pilot
  • Conduct program in “real world” setting as first pass
  • Employ Aetna environments and provider partners
  • Monitor outcomes
  • Prove impact
Scale Program
  • Establish partnered, value-based business model
  • Refine program operations
  • Replicate pilot success across multiple relationships

Our Population


Total Medical Members


Self Insured Employer


Fully Insured Commercial


Medicare Advantage

*CVS Health 10K Filing February 18, 2020

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