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Population Health Technology

Data Exchange and Organization

Care decisions are often made quickly and on the go. We put patient data at your fingertips so you don’t have to chase information and can take informed, prompt action for your patients.

By combining data from multiple sources and settings – labs, pharmacy, claims, EMR, patient portals – our platform gives you access to a patient’s entire available history in one view. Our tools also help minimize data entry and the complexity of orders, so your team can focus on improving the quality of care instead of administrative tasks.

We integrate with 265 unique EMRs to help keep everything in

one place and make the most of your existing IT investment.

Find the right people with the right data

Aggregating all of the available patient data is an important first step in identifying who is at-risk, who is already in a chronic or catastrophic state and where there is room for improvement in utilization. We pull in clinical data and claims data to find individuals with high clinical risk scores or those that are triggered for case management. By aggregating both clinical and claims data we have a better, more complete view of both patient populations and individuals patients and can take action based on what the data tell us.

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