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Clinical Care Management

Local Care Collaboration

Care management success depends on two relationships: the one between the patient and her care team, and the one between the care manager and provider. In our local care management model, we work alongside your team to deliver better, more coordinated care, complementing traditional telephonic care management with in-person collaboration. This emphasis on face-to-face coordination can help build trust and accountability – two keys when it comes to managing multiple high-cost, chronic conditions.

Is the startup phase more challenging? Absolutely. But the pay-off is better collaboration with both the patient and the physician. Our care managers are literally working side by side with the rest of the care team, helping to prevent avoidable readmissions and supporting adherence to a defined care plan for our clients’ most high-risk patients.

- Cindy Musial, Provider Management Lead for ActiveHealth Management, a Healthagen business

Our local care management teams are:

  • Embedded in practices and workflow
  • Focused on outpatient management of complex patients and processes to support appropriate use of costly resources like ER visits, specialist referrals and imaging
  • Inclusive of physicians in both care and medical leadership
  • Direct and in-person as much as possible
  • Supported by traditional telephonic care management

Data-Driven, Local Support

Local care management efforts are supported by data-driven technology, where extensive patient data is collected and analyzed to help identify high-risk patients and track performance. Instead of one localized call center, we staff, train and support on-site locations where care managers are expert users of our workflow and care coordination platform. We interface with multiple EMRs and communication systems to help you maximize your current investment.


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